Together we inspire

A short film about how the Football Club Social Alliance uses football as an inspiration and school of life.

"The coach is a role model. The coach is the person who has the opportunity to make children into a better person in the future." (Fasloon, Young Coach in Sri Lanka)

In Africa and Asia, the instructors of partner clubs of The Football Club Social Alliance are educating young people to become competent children's football coaches, so called Young Coaches. The Club instructors talk about their responsibility in the project, about football as a school of life but also about new, inspiring experiences they gained and take home. Through the education programme the Young Coaches have rediscovered football. They have learned to use football to convey values and foster the development of underprivileged children. Committed, enthusiastic and passionate, they show how football has positively changed their own and the children's lives and how new dreams and visions have been awoken.

With great sensitivity the Swiss photographer and film producer, Joel Sames, takes us directly to the core of The Football Club Social Alliance's education programmes. His fantastic recordings let us dive into the projects and experience how the Alliance instructors inspire numerous young people to engage as role models for children and positively shape their world.

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