Khaled Said, Egyptian Internet activist, rapper and blogger, was brutally beaten to death by two policemen on 6 June 2010 in Alexandria. His death triggered massive protests and the Facebook page “We are all Khaled Said” became one of the main catalysts of the revolution. Khaled Said, has become a symbolic figure and the face of the revolution in Egypt. Khaled Said's portrait is immortalized in Egypt in countless graffiti, street art murals and stencils in cities like Alexandria and Cairo.

On Monday, September 19th, Khaled Said was posthumously awarded the Human Rights Award 2011 together with Slim Amamou from Tunisia in Berlin. Zahraa Kassem, representing her slain brother Khaled Said received the award in his name.

The famous German photo realist and graffiti artist Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case painted two original pieces of the Berlin Wall and finished the artwork during the award ceremony. Zahraa Kassem wrote on the wall: "Khaled's rights are Egypt's rights". The designer Mohamed Gaber created a "We are all Khaled Said" calligraphy which was painted under the portrait by Case.

The Rap song is written and performed by Kahled Said himself in 2007. Zahraa gave us the song in Berlin wishing it would be used in this video.

Both pieces of the Berlin Wall originate from the area between the Brandenburger Tor and Potsdamer Platz and were transported to the venue. Each piece weighs 3,8 tons.?The deeply symbolic painting will later be prominently placed at the Freedom Park on the banks of the river Spree.

The Project was organized by Don Karl, publisher co-author of the book "Arabic Graffiti" & Hip Hop Stuetzpunkt Berlin - in collaboration with The Dudes Factory (Freedom Park).

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Andreas von Chrzanowski aka case