My World allows us to look at the world through the eyes of a child, living in resettlement housing schemes in northern Sri Lanka. It offers the children the possibility to express, how they want their environment to look like. This gives an insight in their needs and wishes.

The project strives to encourage the children’s creativity and ability to “draw” an image of their future and it works as an evaluation tool, to let us understand what is missing between the bricks and concrete of their new homes.

“My World” aspires cooperations with local educational institutions, giving students the opportunity to try out and prove their skills. Seeking to empower the local community.

Photo cameras will be given to the children living in the housing schems. They are asked to take photos of their environment – their homes, streets, school, community centre, temple etc.

The photos will be printed out large scale.

The children will draw over the prints expressing how they would like the scene to
look like. Adding things to or erasing things from the print.

An evaluation team, comprising of students of the MRTC, Media Resources and
Training Center Jaffna will give a summary and interpretation of the outcome.

Students of the Fine Art Institute at University of Jaffna, together with the children
will pick some details of the children’s drawings. Those images will be drawn in large scale on different murals in the village – at private houses, the school, the community center the shop, abandoned houses etc.

In an exhibition at the the school and at MRTC the drawings will be made public to the local community and the evaluation team will present their insights.
A student of MRTC explains how to use a camera
Students of MRTC holding a presentation on the basics of photography
A boy takes a photo of chicken whilst laying down the ground
The media team of MRTC interviews a boy during the photography workshop
The media team of MRTC interviews a boy during the photography workshop
Students went out in the village to capture photographs for a second day
Students of the Fine Art Institut prepare for their part in My World. As an exercice they were combining details of children's drawings to create own artworks
Children look through photos they have taken. After choosing three photos each, they got printed out A3 size.
One of the articles about My World in the local newspaper
Children used different kinds of coloured pencils to draw over their photos
28 students from 3th to 6th grade were attending
The students added things they would miss, or erasing things in the scene
A girls presents one of her drawings
Students of the Fine Art Institute transferring details of the children's paintings on walls around the community
Second day painting in the village
Exhibition in Maravanpulo School
DAY 8 and 9
Exhibition in MRTC Media Recourses Training Center
DAY 10
Trip back to Maravanpulo Village where over 30 walls have been painted
DAY 11
Framed photo for the Students of Maravanpulo School